Construction of the school library.

The children are very happy for the construction a new school library. They are very grateful for a special room for them where they can do their personal and research studies without interference. The library will enable the children to work on their assignments well, as there will be variety of books for research. It will also enable the children to develop research skills, which are important in their higher learning level. The school fraternity is very grateful to Robert from Liberia who saw the need of a school library and is now behind its construction. God bless Robert.

World Conference on Transformative Education.

The students from St Charles Lwanga were happy and privileged to attend The World Conference on Transformative Education held at Masinde Muliro University in Kakamega, Kenya. They had a chance to visit the university and interact with lecturers and students from all over the world, where they learnt of different career courses and opportunities to equip them for life. They also gathered for motivational, inspiring and interactive talks with the keynote speakers at the conference, where they were encouraged to work harder at school to achieve their dreams. The students were inspired and most of them promised to work extra hard and join the university. Example of keynote speaker was Justo Mendez from Puerto Rico who shared about Neustra Escuela and the different educational models used in his country.

The children interacting with Justo the founder of Neustra Escuela school in Puerto Rico.

Health and sanitation

Wednesday was a very bright day for the girls at the school as they received sanitary towels. The girls could not hide their joy, as this was great opportunity for them as most of them hardly get the sanitary towels back at home. This was a wonderful action, which helped in raising the girl’s self-esteem and confidence as they sit in class.

To sum it all, we are very grateful to all our benefactors, friends and people of good will for their support all the school programs.

God bless you.