From Form Four Class.

“We are happy for the great transformation we have received from the school and will forever be grateful to Brother Kennedy for giving us a second chance in life.”

It is with much joy in our hearts that we the St.Charles Lwanga fraternity wish to express our gratitude to Chalice foundation and Inverness County Cares for their continued support especially in the facilitation of the renovation of the classrooms. The classes are spacious and well ventilated giving the teachers ample time to monitor each and every student’s learning. Joy is all over the students’ faces as they can now sit comfortably in class on new desks and with a well cemented floor giving them maximum concentration in their studies The classrooms have given the centre a new look and hope to the students for a brighter tomorrow.

Early Christmas and end of the year mass celebration

This week has being a very wonderful week for the children as the school organized an early Christmas and end of the year mass. This was a great moment of shared joy for the children, Brother Kennedy, staff members and guardians of the children. A special prayer crowned the day for the Form Four when they received examination materials in readiness for the final examination. The students were very grateful to Brother Kennedy for his fatherly love, care and for giving them an opportunity to realize their potential in different fields. The students promised to give the best results as a sign of appreciation to Brother Kennedy, for his selfless heart helping the needy and for the transformation they have experienced at the Centre. Bravo Brother Kennedy.

Distributions of books and other stationary

Early in the week Brother Kennedy and the staff members issued students with books, pens and other stationary in readiness for their studies. The students could not hide the happiness and joy in their hearts as they received the books. “ Long live Brother Kennedy, St. Charles Lwanga is a home for us,” the students sang as they received books from brother Kennedy and the staff members.

Feeding program

Brother Kennedy did a mega budget for the feeding program at the Centre; this was to ensure that there will be plenty of food in the storeroom. The students were very grateful to Brother Kennedy for this, as most of them used to go hungry for days, back with their families.


The school has continuously promoted good hygiene to both boys and girls through frequently emptying their latrines. This is done to promote good sanitation and that the students study and live in a healthy environment. To sum it all, we are very grateful to Brother Kennedy, Chalice foundation, Inverness County Cares and friends and all the benefactors for their timely and continued supporting in ensuring the smooth running of the school programs.

Thank you