Below are actual autobiographies written by St Charles Lwanga Students and published with their permission.

My name is Faith Atieno in form three at St. Charles Lwanga children Centre. I am an orphan as my parents passed on while we were still very young. We are eight siblings under the guardianship of our elderly grandmother who struggles through thick and thin to provide for our basic needs. I am happy I am in school as some of my elder brothers had to drop out of school to help my grandmother in providing for the family basic needs. I joined St. Charles Lwanga at a time when I had given up in life and had lost hope for a better tomorrow but since I joined the St Charles Lwanga School my life really changed and I have hope for a brighter future. At the Centre, I found, friends and teachers who are loving and caring, they build my self-esteem and also realize my talent as a designer. I am so proud of my school especially with the renovation of the new classes, which are very spacious, new desks and the new computers, which just arrived at the school. Much appreciation goes to Chalice foundation, Inverness County Cares, friends from Netherlands, Berend De Boer and all good people for putting a smile on our faces through your donations and support towards our school. God Bless you.

Faith Atieno

Alice Kwamboka (photo below)  is a sixteen-year-old girl schooling at St. Charles Lwanga Children Centre Secondary School in form two (grade 10). She is a well-behaved, disciplined girl who is an average student and suffers from rheumatic heart disease, which affects her studies and she help to undergo surgery. This condition has really affected her studies and her health for a very long time since the year 2013. When she was still in primary school this caused her to stay at home instead of being in school. When her symptoms are extreme it happens that her body swells making her unable to move, she experiences back pains and severe chest pains, which are unbearable. Alice has one parent called Jackline Mokeira who is a single mother and has a spinal cord problem, which makes it hard for her to work and sustain the family. Alice is a second born child in a family of four. The eldest sibling is 19 years old, the third born are twins aged 14 years both in class 8. Alice lives with her elderly grandmother in a single roomed house in Ruai area. She is working hard to achieve her dream of being a surgeon to help treat people with similar conditions as her. She is urging all well wishers to help her undergo an operation to correct the situation so that she can proceed well with her studies and help the family in future.

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We are grateful to Brother Kennedy, Inverness County Cares and the Chalice Foundation for their continued and timely support towards our school.

My name is James Ndungu (photo below). I am 14 years old, a student in the form one class and very excited to be back to school after the tense elections. I am the third born in a family of five siblings where my mother is the sole breadwinner of the family. My mother always struggles to provide for our basic needs as she has no permanent job. I have one leg which is impaired and this makes me feel neglected and left out as other children play. I am happy at St. Charles Lwanga School as the children here accept me the way I am and I am able to play and share with the other children. I am also grateful to all the school benefactors for giving me a chance to study, have access to food, shelter and medical care which my family can hardly afford. I aspire to be a doctor to reach out all children with special needs and disability like me and provide medical assistance to them. I have learnt to be grateful in all things and in all situations, God bless St. Charles Lwanga, Inverness County and Chalice Foundation for supporting us. Thanks

Note: Nancy is one of the three 2016 graduates who was awarded a scholarship to a Kenyan university.

My name is Nancy Morena and I studied at St. Charles Lwanga children Centre secondary school and a resident of Ruai. I have been raised and brought up by a single mother who has struggled with us through thick and thin situations of our life. She has been our sole provider of the family though she doesn’t have a reliable income. I aspire to be a professional lawyer, to deal with human rights. I want to be the voice of the helpless especially those women and girls who are tortured due to one reason or another. St Charles Lwanga has made me grow academically, spiritually it has also taught me how to relate with my friends and most importantly to develop a positive attitude towards every challenge in life. The school gave me hope, as I was able to get education, which is a major key in my life. I am grateful to God and the whole of St. Charles Lwanga family, for providing a conducive environment for us to study and also do our examination. I am also grateful that I will be joining the public university. I am determined to work hard and achieve my dreams, help the community and the street children. Thank you. Nancy Morena.

Note: Martin is one of the three 2016 graduates who was awarded a scholarship to a Kenyan university.

My name is Martin Mungai a student from St. Charles Lwanga Children’s Centre Secondary School and a resident of Ruai. I have been raised and brought up by my grandmother who has struggled with me throughout my life for our upkeep. St. Charles Lwanga has been a home for me, where I was able to experience love and caring from my fellow students and also from my teachers. At the Centre I have learnt to be a responsible person. I have also learnt how to live with others well, to share with others and to help and appreciate others despite their background. I am grateful to  the whole of St. Charles Lwanga family for giving us a good environment to study and do our examination through the provision of good feeding, education and medical care amongst others. I am also grateful to our benefactors and friends especially Inverness County Cares and Chalice Foundation for supporting us in our education. I am grateful to God for giving me a chance to join the public university, which had always been my dream. My aim is to study hard and help back my community through the educational skills I will have gained. Thank you .Martin Mungai

Note: Catherine is one of the three 2016 graduates who was awarded a scholarship to a Kenyan university.

My name is Catherine Agufana. I come from Kibera, which is the largest slum in Africa. My parents divorced when I was 9 months old. My father married another wife and my mother got married to another father. I lived with my biological mother and step father until I attained 12 years when my biological father started threatening my mother to hand me over to him or he will arrest her. My mother had nothing to do but to let me go. My father brought me at Kibera where I stayed with him and my stepmother. My life changed gradually from then. It was never the same again. My father took me to a private school, which was being sponsored by the whites where I did my education until class six. In 2009 my father got an accident and one of his hands had some physical injuries, which cost him his job. Life became difficult. My mother was forced to do laundry to earn a living to cater for our basic needs especially food. Some days we would go without food, as she could not get the job often. I passed well in my primary education but my major challenge was whether I would join the secondary school. This was stressful, as I didn’t have the funds to join the secondary school. Fortunately I got a good Samaritan who sponsored my schooling until form three, later my father got in touch with Brother Kennedy who gave me a chance to study at St. Charles Lwanga Children Centre Secondary School. I have learnt a lot at the Centre for example I have learnt to be responsible, to live and share with others and much more to love and care for the less fortunate. I am grateful to God,  our benefactors and friends especially Inverness County Cares and Chalice foundation for supporting us in our feeding program, medication, good sanitation, our school hall and school van, this has really made a great impact in our lives. Once I join the public university, my aim is to work extra hard and attain the degree after which I work towards helping the community and assist other children mold their lives well. Thank you   Catherine Agufana .

My name is John David a student from St. Charles Lwanga children Centre. I grew up in Kibera (Largest slum in Nairobi) without a father, my mother got sick and I shifted to live with my elderly grandmother in Ruai. My grandmother had no job to cater for our daily and our basic needs. It pained me so much how she used to move from one place to another in search of job. She took me to school but life didn’t change in fact it become worse as she could not afford the school fees. It is due to these challenges I dropped out of school and  run into the streets in search of food and a job which could help me take care of my  mother and grandmother. For me to fit in the street life I had to use of very harmful drugs like bhang, khat, glue and many others. I stayed in that harmful environment for about 4 years, I lost focus on education and gave up in life. I cursed each day of my life because it was full of challenges. My grandmother took her efforts of searching for me and only found me in Dandora slums, a very arrogant and dirty boy. She took me back home where I joined a nearby school. It was while in Ruai that I met Brother Kennedy who welcomed me to his school. In the school I am very happy with my fellow students and am able to get three meals a day, which I didn’t get back at home. The Centre is a home for us, where we find love and care which we don’t get in our families. Through the guidance and counselling offered at the Centre I am able to heal from the wounds of self-denial and hatred. I am happy at school as am able to exercise my talent as a comedian. I would like to be an artist where I would use my music to teach other children on the dangers of drugs.

My name is Adam Wassim. Born last in a family a three brothers. In the year 1998 March 3rd in a place named Mlhong’o not brought up in a well-financed family but it is here that made me here. My primary school was also where I was born in Mlhong’o where I finished my class and where I joined a secondary school where my parents found it hard to raise my fee so I had to stay at home for some months where I joined   Utgoalo schools where it reached a time also my fee was unable to be raised. My mother and I had to search for other schools where she found St.Charles Lwanga where she told me it was okay and that the fee they are able to raise. The school has mend my creativity and personality and here is where I am finishing my form for secondary school. When I pass my exams I would like to advance my studies and be a clearing and fording in aeroplane management in tourism management. Thanks.

Albanus Kilonzo  My name is Albanus Kilonzo. I live with my both parents, my Mum & my Dad. They have been struggling to pay my school fee so that I can learn very well.When I grow up, I would like to be a Deejay or an Engineer. St. Charles Lwanga has helped me to have learned a lot. I have become a good Christian by teaching us more about the church and how we should help other people who are in need of my help.

Ann Uangari   My name is Ann Uangari. A third born in a family of five children. My Father passed away in the year 2015. My mother does small business to cater for food. The little remaining money can’t cater for school fees. After my Dad died, my grandmother took everything from my Mum. She started mistreating my Mum that she needs all the property that my Dad left.  My Dad had been struggling a lot before he died. After his death, that’s when life became hard to me most of the time. I went to school, I was sent home for school fee. I really never lost hope but I prayed to God to meet with Bro Oronjo and he tried to talk to me and also accepted to admit me in his school where I did my final exams. The St. Charles Lwanga has helped me a lot since I was admitted. They have helped me through my education and material support to life. Lwanga has been good than that of the other school. I want to be a journalist in future. I am going to want to make my visions through my dreams. I kindly request your sponsorship.

My name is Antony Maina and I was born on February 17, 1996. I am the second child in a family of four children. My mother separated from my dad and we went to live with my mother all throughout primary school life. Unfortunately she passed away when my brother and I were finishing primary school. This was demoralizing for us, and I felt that life was meaningless, because of how she had taken care of us all those years. My brother and I were in the same class, so we joined high school and went to live with my dad. High school life was very hard as my father struggled to pay the school fees once we reached Form 3. The principal chased us away from the school and told us to come back after we had paid the balance of our fees. We stayed a home for a long period, while my father was looking for the fees. When he finally found a small amount of fees, the principal agreed that we could return on the condition that we repeat the class of Form 3. I refused, and so my father was forced to find us another school. This was a hard thing to do because we were joining Form 4. By the grace of God he finally found The Charles Lwanga Secondary School. There my brother and I joined Form 4 and finished high school. The school has helped me a lot as it gave me the time to recover the studies I had missed. I even registered for my KCSE exams and am currently doing my examinations. I want to pass my exam and change the lives of my family. I have a passion for starting my own business after completing University.

Benard Ngugi

My name is Benard Ngugi. I was born on the 16th of June 1996. I am a 19 year old boy finishing my high school level education. I am the second born in a family of 3 boys and 1 girl. My mother sells meat for a living and my father is a blacksmith, my brother lost his job due to the Government of Kenya banning the distribution of alcohol. He was a driver at Moonlight vodka distribution centre.  I have gone through a lot of challenges in my life in terms of schooling. I have learnt in 6 high schools. Each year I had to learn in 2 schools. Some due to my drunken father refusing to pay for my education and some because of strikes and corrupt teachers. I had remained with one more year to finish my education but things turned on me and all hell went loose. My father wakes up every morning at 2:00 AM just to go and drink his alcohol. I didn’t have school fees and I had to repeat the same class because of lack of fees. Then out of nowhere, my mother got a school that admitted me in form four and I was more than proud to join the school. I believe that if God really works miracles then this was definitely one of them. Today I am left with 3 days and I will be out of high school but what next? That was the question ringing in my head. I loved playing football though I was not that good. I was determined to get to college and get a good job to support my mom in paying school fees for my brother and sister. I would really appreciate for any assistance in my life.

Hi my name is Caroline Muthoni, I was born on the 27/4/1997. I am looking forward to finishing my exams in my final high school year. If I finish my exams I would like to go to college and study tourism. My life consists of my mother, I am the first one to finish high school in our family, if I do I would like to help my other relative and sister. The life in St.Charles Lwanga high school is beautiful because before here I lost hope in life and started drugs and became addicted, when I joined the family of St.Chalres Lwagna my life changed a lot. In a period of my life I was broken, but brother kennedy knew I was on drugs and he talked to me and I realized that I was not helping myself in fact I was destroying my life. If not for the school I would still be on drugs, also would not be in school which I am very thankful for, that god gave this blessing just for me. I would like to study tourism, but I don’t know how I can because my mother does not have the strength to make the money to pay for me to go to school. I would be so thankful if I could get help with paying for school, I would be able to achieve my goals to help those children that need help like I did.  I want to change others lives, where I live there are so many street children , that need help like I did May god bless you  Carloine,

Diana Auma  My name is Diana Auma. I am the first born out of four children in my family. My mother has been struggling as a single parent ever since my father left us in 1999. She has been working, but has not had a permanent job. She is unable to pay for the fees the four of us need to achieve our goals in life. As for now, I am finishing my secondary level education (high school). However, next year when I get my final results, my mother will not be able to pay for my college fees. I would like to win a scholarship so that I will be able to obtain my goals, and be able to build my future. As for my school, they have they have helped me to pay my school fee. It grows every day to help us be in a good and clean environment. Also, they have bought a lot of textbooks and exercise books for us to be able to know how to write and read.

Dusna Adhiambo Ouko  I am from western Karachuonyo village. I am in Form Four in St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School. I live with both my parents and five other siblings. My parents don’t have a stable job. They are just farmers and the little they get from farming can’t cover for food and school fees for all of us. Some of my siblings have married and others are married off but they are not stable in terms of jobs. Hence they cannot support my parents. My parents tried their level best to take me to public primary school where I studied til Class Eight. Though struggling, they managed to join me to a secondary school from which I was sent home countless times because of school fees. At some point, I used to stay back at home for more than a week because my parents lacked the fees. Luckily Brother John Oronjo came down to the village and fortunately our paths crossed and after listening to my sad story, he offered me scholarship. Without knowing me, he allowed me to join his school, St. Charles Lwanga in Forrathree. For the first time, I felt peace and whole again.   He treated us as his own. Whenever I wanted anything he never hesitated to give it to me. My academic grades became something of worth. He has given me hope. He has made me have goals and dreams again. Now that I am about to clear Form Four, I would wish to get grade [B+] and join college where I can continue my studies at a higher level. I really thank God for allowing our paths to cross for were it not for God and Brother John Oronjo, I wouldn’t be where I am now. After I am done with my Kenya National Examinations, I would like to do a course of Social Community Development as a career.

Elijah Mwaura  My name is Elijah Mwaura. I was born in 1996 13th of April. I am the first born in a family of four siblings. My family is not well up so I have gone though many struggles in my educational life. Due to my family’s low financial standards, I was to go to a school that my parents would afford. The school was at very low standards having most of its buildings not completed . By the grace of god I completed my primary school education and got good marks to take me to a good secondary school. In 2012, I joined Njabini Boys high school having paid a half of the schools fees needed. Most of the time I spent at home because of lack of fees. The principal disliked me because I didn’t have money and used to call me names. I later pleaded with my parents to take me out of that school though we didn’t have money. In 2014 second term, I joined St Charles Lwanga secondary school where everybody is accommodated. I was admitted without many specifications. In this school I have been able to achieve my best grades because I have not to waste time going for school fees. Most of my time is spent in reading.  I am a humble man and also hardworking. I would like to do an electrical and electronics engineering course when I finish school but my parents cannot afford paying my college fees. I will be very happy if you help me realize my dream.

I am Erick Ngunyi a student at St. Charles Lwanga Children’s centre in Nairobi, Kenya. My hobbies are playing hockey, drawing and making new friends each and every day. My dream is to become an aeronautical engineer but limitations of school fees is a problem because of my family’s stability. I come from the poor slums of Kibera, Kenya, of which some kids like me would like to have the opportunity to study but don’t have the potential. I was lucky to meet Brother  one day while loitering in the slums and offer a brief chat he offered me a chance to study that’s why I am in St. Charles Lwanga Children’s centre. In the School we face some challenges in our day to day life but through God’s grace, donors have enabled us to reach this far. Both of my parents do not have the potential to pay school fees despite their hard work and at times getting our daily bread is a problem. I am glad that the Lwanga School offers us a home even when in holiday instead of going back to the slums. The school has few facilities but we are glad for the few we have. I would pray to God to open doors for me and grant me a sponsorship from one of good will so as to pursue my dream of becoming an engineer. I would be very glad if you offer me a sponsor to achieve my goals.

Esther Ng’endo  My name is Esther Ng’endo, born 8th November 1996. I am the first born in a family of two children. My father passed away in 2004, leaving my mother with two kids. Life was not easy for her because she did not have a permanent or full time job. Her mother-in-law, my grandmother took everything my father had left for my family and I. As a result, my mother struggled to make sure I received a primary school education without the help of my relatives until I joined secondary school. I was so happy to join form one in Makuyu-by-Grace High School, but the school fees there were way too expensive. I used to be sent home every now and then because my mother lacked school fees. The little she had only mattered for food. Lack of school fees made my mother transfer me to a public school where school fees were a little cheaper. Makivenzi High School, though it wasn’t that expensive my mother still struggled to pay fees for form two and form three, but at the end of form three she lacked money to pay for third term fees which made me stay at home for a whole month and for sure I missed a lot in terms of education. My mother didn’t lose hope. In early January this year she went to St. Charles Lwanga to talk to Brother john Kennedy  to see if I can get a chance to join his school. God is good, I got lucky and he admitted me despite my mother not having any money with her. For the first time I was in class without worrying about school fees. Although I was a day schoolar, my life started to change. I started having interest in learning again. Around May this year Brother John gave me the opportunity to join boarding school and he assured me that he will catter for everything. He made my learning easier, my grades started going higher. I really thank him, he is a God sent and he has mentored me spiritually, psychologically, and truly being a part of St. Charles Lwanga changed my life. It has changed me from nothing to something. It has awaken the sleeping spirit in me. Now I am able to have goals and dreams about my future. As a form four I have achieved a lot and I am aiming to get a good grade to take me to university to further my education. When I am done with high school, I want to do mass communication aspiring to be a news anchor. I want to take my mother and brother from this poverty life. God willing if I get a chance to get someone to sponsor me through my university education. I will surely utilize that chance and make them proud. I will be very happy if you help me achieve my dreams.

Esther Klambui  My name is Esther Klambui, I was born in 1997, I am 18 years old. I started my nursery school in Maarifa Academy. When I was in class 5 I lost my mother, I was at the age of 10 years old. My life changed from there because my dad abandoned me. I had nowhere to go. I had to drop out of school since I never had anyone to care for me. I suffered a lot because the world was so cruel. The only place I had to seek refuge was at the church. Brother John found me living in the church and he felt mercy on me. He took me to leave with his mother and offered to pay my fees. Brother John has been a source of help to me because I had lost hope in life, to the extent that I wished to die. Brother John took me back to school and payed the school fees with the little money he gets. He also buys me personal things too. I live with him since I don’t have any place to go. I am currently sitting for my fourth year end examination, I hope to get a B+ to study social and community development. I don’t want to end my education in high school, but to continue since I have already set my goals. I want to help children especially in our country where there are much oppressed, and I know the pain that they suffer. I know that God has a purpose for everything and I hope that I will have a bright future when I get help in order to continue with my University next year.

My name is Otieno Faith Auma. I came from Kaluo village, Bora division in Nyanza Province. My family consist of my dad and my two brothers, I was born in 1998/12. My father is a constructor and my mother own a whole sale consist of cereals, and small items. I live with my dad since I was in class five. My mother went back in Nyanza and left us in Nairobi to look after her house and caltles. My dad married, I have a stepmother who has four kids. In our family I am the third born. We live in Kayole, my eldest brother are still in school, one is married and has a kid, my second one is in Mt. Kenya University. My dad payed for his school fees. I know, by him paying for us fees is not easy and financing my two women is hard. Sometimes they misunderstand because they are always too demand. Sometimes before I came here school fees was a problem and I decide to stay home for sometimes when I join school, I knew that it’s a source of hope although my dreams were being washed away. I join with less fees because my dad had so many branches to distribute the money to. My dad names is Otieno Stephen Nyangano. When I came here in school it has financial, emotional and spiritual help me. In terms of me advices in academics to achieve my goal it has also help me to know how to relate to people. My dad who has been falling ill which sometimes walking or going to work is hard. Here in school we get different help in terms of shopping, beddings . I am in my fourth year finishing my farm floor, but too many thing we have been taught here in school I would like to reach to my star because it is my limit.  I would like to go to University to pursue my goal in doing community and social development. I want to give back society what they gave me. This will also bring light to my family. I will be able to help my stepmother, brothers since my dad is growing old. I will feel complete to have given and also enlighten my school that has made me who I am.

My Autobiography  I am Geoffrey Ong’ondo studying at ST-Charles Lwanga secondary school. I’m in form four. I came from a poor and a humble family, we are six in number. Four children, my mother and father. I am 18 year old at the moment. I like reading and helping people who are at my same condition. Also I am the school captain at my school. At our home sometimes we have a lot of problems like there are some days we go without food even sometimes we miss the basic needs because my mother and father have work to support out family also it’s difficult because he had my dad has to pay the little school fees to our school so that we can stay here and study. One of my very big dreams is to continue with my education so that I my pursue my dreams of becoming an accountant so that I may help to support my family also to those people who we are sharing the same problem. My father is working as a farmer and my mother is a house wife so it is very difficult for them to sustain the whole family needs. Sometime also it is very difficult for me to concentrate in class knowing the condition of our family back at home how I wish I could do something at these time and help them move from their poor state. Also it my very good with that and if I got to go to the college or university I will help them so much.

Name: Ambaisi Geoffrey Masai  Date of Birth: February 22nd, 1996   I am a Kenyan who stays in western part of it in a place called Mumias. I was born in a family of six being the fourth one who have successfully been in a high school level (grade 1-4).  It is unfortunate that I came up in a poor family that could not afford to pay my school fees and this I have to say thanks for I have been able to finish.   Ambitions: I am a hardworking person who have grown up to an aim of becoming a lawyer of which it is a career that I am much determined in and also in addition want to attain my doctorate in music because it is a talent that I have also grown up with and I have been able to teach in various places both high school choirs and outdoors choirs mostly in festivals and it has come to a time that I pray hard to attain it in doctorate in university level.  It is through your support that I request for your assistance to study law and music. I wil always acknowledge your assistance to realize my long awaited dream. Call: +254716039155

I am Gibson Kuria a student at St Charles Lwanga mixed secondary school in Nairobi Kenya. I like studying and helping people in the society. I have a dream to be a doctor in the future so I can help the poor who do not have money for medicine. I come from a poor background in the ghetto of Dandoro with a family with six children and without a mother to care for her needs. I would like to change the status of our area and make it better than it is. I have gained a lot since I joined Saint Charles longer next secondary school they cater to my needs since the past four years, without me paying any amount to get my studies and also my basic needs mostly food which is a difficult thing to have in a poor family. I would like to have assistance for my studies to continue because after every four years each of us have to leave and join for the reading for my success I will. I am 17 years old and I think I still have a lot to do with my studies but I have no money to make my future successful. I really need this help for my education and my family to make them successful and help the community in which I live.

I am Joseph Ciathri, and I am 19 years old and am in Form 4. I come from a family of me, my sister, and my mum. This is a bit of my life history. I was born on April 26th, 1996. I was born and raised in Mathare slum and I was born in the house and taken to the hospital immediately. It was 3:00 on Friday when I was born. I have faced a lot of challenges before I reached this age. My mum suffered from asthma and she was admitted in hospital for a month and I was 5 years old. It forced me to go and start collecting metal and plastics for selling so as to get for me and the sis our daily bread. When I was in class 8, our house which we had rented was closed and we used to sleep outside. I stopped my education and started working at a hotel to help my mother to pay the rent. I prayed hard and worked hard until we were able to pay the rent. After finishing my primary education, I started selling sweets on the street and on the buses. Later I went and started working in the hotel for earning for my hiring. That’s when my mum found this school on May 3rd, 2012. That’s when I joined St. Charles Lwanga.

Joseph Kirubi Hi, my name is Joseph Kirubi. I’m 19 years old, born in 1996. I live with my guardians who struggle to pay for my school fees so that I can have a good future. St. Charles Lwanga has helped me a lot in my life by knowing how to stay as a good Christian and also how I can help the ones in need. I would like to become a great football player when I finish my studies or a journalist so that I can help my fellow students and friends who have problems.

Juliah Wanjiku

My name is Juliah Wanjiku a student at St. Charles Lwanga Secondary school. I was born in November 17 1997 in Pumwani hospital located at Nairobi in Kenya. Am the second born in a family of four siblings living in the slum of Dandora. My life has not been so easy since I started my schooling because I had no enough school fee and I had to have a long distance about 5 kilometers in order to go to school. The school was in a bad condition because there was no enough facilities to study and that was the only school that my parent could afford. I finished my primary level and passed well having a good grade to join the secondary school. My parents didn’t afford that money to pay for my school fee for me to join secondary school and that made me stay at home for three months. I later joined St. Charles Lwanga secondary school in 2012 with the help of brother John Oronjo who talked to my dad about my studies and told him about our family background. Brother John was so kind to accept me as one of his students not minding about the payment of the school fees nor the background. These is the best school ever that I have been. Since it has been so friendly to me, having have met new friends who are loving, caring and understanding. I also learnt a lot with the help of Brothers and teachers who tought us the way of living as brothers and sisters, caring for one another, being yourself, and living a christian life. Brother John has really changed our lives as students in order to succeed in life. I come from a humble background, having one a big heart of always helping those who are in need, I am a humble, hardworking girl and I would like to study accountancy when I finish my schooling. I also like doing beauty therapy. My hobbies are reading novels, traveling and listening to music. I would really like to join college after secondary school but my parents are not able to pay my college fees. I will be very grateful if you assist me in paying my college fee so as to improve the living life and condition that my parents are living in and I promise I wont let you down. I would really be grateful if you help me achieve my goals of changing my parents life. I kindly ask for your support.

Leah Mukami Kibogo My name is Leah Mukami. I am 25 years old. I was born August 20th, 1990. I was brought up in a very poor background where my parents struggles very much for my needs. I have a brother who is older than me, and he has already completed his high school also university. My mother was a single women who taught us. When I was in grade seven my mother was murdered and left my brother and I as orphan children. I still don’t know who my father is. After my mother’s death I get sick and I couldn’t continue my studies. I was admitted in so many hospitals but no doctor could understand my sickness. I dropped out of school. When I was in form one to first term in 2008 I stayed at home for six years. I had lost hope and felt very much desperate because a lot of people were working and others going to school, when I was just at home. I could not even speak to people. I was so much of a coward and I felt shyness. I hated myself very much because I had seen no person loving me. After all those six years I got quite well and I joined St. Charles Lwanga as my second school. When I joined this school, students were speaking English. I felt alone because I didn’t know that language myself. I met Brother John, who admitted me here. He asked me what my name was and what I came to do in this school. I told him that I am here to make and shape my destiny. Also to be discipline all the time. I work hard in school to get a good education to join nursing. God wishes I wish to continue working hard for my future. I have stayed here for 3 years now and I have seen a great change in my life. I thank Brother John for that care and protection he has given me. Sometimes here at school I feel sick. They take me as their daughter. When I finish high school education I see that it will be difficult for me to continue and join college. I may stay home doing nothing. It is my prayer if you manage you can help me to get what I need in the future. In god everything is possible I will not lose hope or give up. I pray very hard that I pass these examinations so that I can lift up our relatives.

  1. Lorna Mayaka
  2. February 3, 1996 I am the second born in our family of five children. My mum and dad are all alive. My dad has no permanent job while my mum is just a small scale farmer. They have really sacrificed and struggled a lot in me to finish my secondary school. I have passed through many challenges until now I’m about to finish. I started secondary school in 2011 when I joined form one in a school named Jenga Marume in Molo. It was small but with quality education. Unfortunately, it became more expensive than we can afford so my parents payed for the first term school fees and I left with some balance. In second term, they became totally unable so I was sent home to get the money. My dad was no longer in job and even my siblings were home for fees. I stayed home for a whole term and so my uncles took a step of bringing me back to school although a new one but only when I repeat. That’s how i got myself in St. Charles Lwanga where I am schooling and almost about to finish secondary. I found life in Lwanga very enjoyable, exciting, and very easy to adapt. Bro John Oronjo took a step of helping me in terms of education and even material support. Through him and the school I have learned many things e.g. helping others; whether rich or poor. I never loosed hope of studying. I prayed to God and God answered. I tried all the best I can to study because Kenya without education is like a stream without water and I am sure I will pass through my efforts. I want to build my future through studies. Ambition: I want to become a teacher by profession. I kindly request for the support of getting scholarship so that my dreams of going to college may come true. I strongly hope that your support will help me succeed. Thank you all and may almighty God bless you abundantly.

    My name is Nyokabi Jackline Muthoni. I was born in Dandora in a humble family. I grew up in Ruai where I joined my kindergarten. Later I joined at Jaceph primary school. I studied there until class four and then I later transferred to Lakeview Vidrose Academy where I continued from class five to class six. From class seven to class eight I joined Gituamba Primary school where I finished my primary education and got good grades to take me to a Provincial school. But since I came from a humble family where I only have my grandmother and my older brother I had to go to any available cheap school. I joined Athi River secondary school which was a private school. Later I transferred due to the expenses of the school fees. Later I joined Daima Secondary school which was based in Sandora but due to the distance of the school to home, I had to move from Ruai to Sandora which was closer to home. I decided to transfer and join a nearby school. I joined St. Charles Lwanga on the 12th of February 2014 where I continued with my studies from form three to currently form four. I’m my last year in high school. Now I am doing my final exams. Since I joined St. Charles Lwanga I have had a good time. School fees has not been a problem. Since the brothers are so kind when you explain to them about you problems they listen and help. When I finish my K.C.S.E. exams I would love to join one of the best universities in Kenya Dr. in the United States. I would love to do art and music and also do another course such as physiology. I’m 19 years old and love dancing, singing, reading and traveling

    I am Peter Ativa a student at the St.Charles Lwagna High school in Nairobi Kenya. I am 18 years old and I really enjoyed my stay in St.Charles Lwagna where Brother John took care of me just like his own child. I was really touched when I finished my primary education and got a chance to join school. I had lost hope, but due to Brother John who came and found me and my younger brother, and told us we could join his school.He has been a great help to us till now, when we are almost at secondary school. I live in Nairobi with both my parents who are not employed. They depend on well wishes who sometimes bring us something to eat, but we usually go to sleep hungry. So my parents can not afford to pay our school fees, that’s why I am sad to leave St.Charles a place that is more than home. I want to be a lawyer so I can help those in need, and also pay back back to the community that helped me. I’m also sad that I might not see my dreams come true, because I don’t know who will help me in paying my school fees.   I sometimes loose hope, because I don’t know where to run too. I feel really sad seeing what we go through in our family, I sometimes regret being born to suffer. I promise if anyone out there helps me go to university, I will be the happiest boy in the world. I won’t disappoint anyone, someday I will pay back to the community that I came from. I wish to study hard and follow this dream, if anyone can help me I would be very happy.

    My name is Reagan Simon; I was born in July, 1997, in a place called Muiki in Nairobi. I am the oldest child in my family and I have two younger brothers. I have a father and mother, which I thank God that they are alive, this is through his mercy and care. In my own special life I hope one day through his mercy, I would help my family for what they have done for me. I am doing my final education in St. Charles Lwanga secondary school, in which I hope that after graduating I may go to college or university to study to become a lawyer. Although I experienced some difficulties in my secondary education like lack of education in politics, I pray to his almighty that I may not face these difficulties after finishing my secondary education.

    Richard Karobia    My name is Richard Karobia I was born on January 20th 1998 in a family of four. We are three brothers and a little sister who is about to complete her primary level education, my brother and I are currently in form for doing our Kenya certificate of secondary education this year and hope by the grace of god we will acquire good grades. My brother and I currently leave with our father after the death of our mother back in 2011 my father Jatiffy, my brother and I he is not that stable financially I joined the St Charles Lwanga on February 9th 2015 after transferring from Mihangos secondary. This was after I failed to go to school in third term because my father lacked the school fees. But after joining the brothers of St Charles Lwanga they accepted me and my brother to join their school, as I am about to finish form four. Lastly after my form four I would like to pass and become a tour guide and I know by the blessing of god I will achieve it and become someone who can help the community  if I get a sponsor I would appreciate and work hard to make him or her proud.

    My name is Samuel Githimji. I was born on December 4th 1977 at Ruai. My mother and father brought me into a poor family. We would not be able to afford water, food and other basic needs. My parents managed to get me out of there. I joined my primary school in 2003 in Ruai. I studied until my 8 class exam in 2011. When I was in primary I faced one challenge in 2006 when we were misplaced by another tribe and our neighbor but we also managed to get out of there. Although we did not have anything to do my father managed to get small things to eat. In our family I am the last born. I have 4 big sisters. When I finished my class I joined St. Charles Lwanga Secondary. The school has changed my from a person who did not go to church, but now I can serve God. It has made me to be a better person then I was. I want to be a brother when I finish my education.

    My name is Sarah Ochala and I am the first born in my family and were 2 from the first wife, and second wife has four kids but I was raised with a single parent, and I thank God for having a caring father. He is the one who has done everything. St. Charles Lwanga has helped me a lot and enter in form 4, 2015. This year they have good facility and environment. I have no problem with the school. It has helped me a lot in my life. My father has struggled with me until now I am finishing my Form 4 class. My father wakes up early in the morning to go to work so we can get something that can sustain us in the family.

    Name: Amimo Sheila

    Born November 7th, 1998 I was born in a family of 8. I am the first born in the family. I went to school at highlands primary school situated at Kericho County. In Kericho County I have lived with my aunty where I finished my primary well and joined a small secondary which suited my financial state. I joined high school in 2012, in the 3rd term of the year my dad passed away and left us with mum alone. We had no one to depend on and life became hard. Since form one I was brought up by a single parent who was humble and prayerful. Because of our small financial state I stayed home for two months before going back to school, which made me suffer more and feel as if I was in my lonely world. I experienced the situation that I have ever been through. But through the prayers of my mum the employer of my dad sponsored me for the four years in high school which made me happy to go back to school. I joined St. Charles Lwanga in 2013 through the church which my sponsored goes. The school has taught me how to be disciplined, humble, prayer, and the qualities of a good leader. Now I am a form four leave, I have nowhere to go but I ask for your support. This may help me to assist my family and remaining siblings for them to not suffer the life I have been through and help other street children to be adopted. For your support I will be more grateful and God will bless you abundantly.

    Hey! My name is Speranza Ochreno from St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School. Before I joined the school, I was a street girl. All I could do was odd jobs so that my siblings and I would survive. My Mom abandoned us, and my father is just a hustler. The little he gets does not support us, because we are five in total. As I was walking down the streets of Nairobi, I met up with Brother John and after telling him my story, he took me to his school right away.  Brother John has done a lot in my life, including buying my uniform and paying my fees.I joined this school while in form one, and now I am completing my last year. I am currently sitting at my final examination and I hope to get a B+. I would like to be a human activist so that I can defend the rights of people who are oppressed.I want to further my studies so that I won’t disappoint everyone who has helped me. If I  don’t continue with my education, the outside world will be too harsh for me. I could become involved in drugs or even prostitution to better my life, but I hope that won’t happen. I also want to further my studies so I can help my father and siblings to have a better life. Finally I would like to thank our sponsors for providing everything for us in school, our Dormitory, books, dining hall, and all the desks. May God bless them all and continue to shower them all with blessings.  Yours sincerely, Speranza Ochreno

    My name is Stephen Nusyoka. I am 20 years old. I study at St. Charles Lwanga at Ruai. I lie in Naivobi, Kenya. I was born and brought up by my 2 parents. Accidently my dad passed away and remained with my mum. Life was not quite easy. I underwent many challenges but with time, God helped me. I studied and passed through my primary education through the help of my relatives and parents. After completing my KAPE, I had passed to go to high school. My family members did not have enough funds to take me to school. I have already lost hope in pursuing my education. By good luck, I met Br. John Fisaher, who introduced me to Br. Ken Oronjo. He listened to me and agreed to help me pursue my dreams. He bought me everything and welcomed me to St. Charles Lwanga. I am very happy and grateful for having him as my Sponsor. He has a very kind-hearted and is always ready to help those who has come to him for help.  My hobbies are dancing, swimming, reading and playing football. I also like traveling and socializing with people. My dream is to succeed in life and being a person of integrity. I would like to become a soldier and help my country. I love my country Kenya and I would like to see it grow and prosper in the future. My vision is to help the needs in the society like the poor, orphans, widows and the disabled in the community. I would like to live a life of volunteering and help everyone near me. My role model is Br. Ken who is always willing to help everyone who he meets. I also would like to thank Berend, Collene, Norah, Linda and the Inverness country hall for helping us so much. They have built us dorms, helped us in our day to day basic needs. If it would not have been for them and Br. Ken, we would be in the streets, just loitering around the cities in Kenya. Thanks a lot for the St. Charles Lwanga fraternity, Br. Ken and everybody who works hard to make life easy for us. May the Almighty Gods bless you abundantly and always give you the life of helping. Thanks a lot.

    My name is Susan Wanjiku, a student of St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School. I was born on October 2nd, 1996. I am the second born in our family. I have faced a lot of challenges in my life since I started schooling because I had to travel for 4km going to school. My parents could not afford money for my school fees and also the money to pay for my bus fare. The school had no reading material that made most of the school’s students to transfer. By the grace of God, I made it through primary life and I got good marks that made me to join Secondary School. At that time, my parents did have enough capital to take me to Secondary School in 2012. I joined Mt. Carmel Secondary School where I was to be sent away from school to get School fees. I spent most of the time at home waiting for my parents to get my School fees so that I can go back to school. I was later transferred to St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School and I prayed to God many times to help my parents to get my school fees and to support me in my education. Although I have faced many difficulties, I have now managed to reach in Form 4 and doing my examination. I would like to achieve my goals after Form 4 and I pray to God to help me in that I would be so grateful if I got the Sponsorship.

    Vivginiah Nyamburg

    Im Vivginiah Nyamburg, a student from St Charles Lwanga secondary school. I was born on april 21,1996, inmurang’a hospital. My homeground is in murang’a but now I am living in Ruai Nairobi with my aunt. I joined nursery school in 2001, then I joined my primary education in 2003, then I finished in 2011. After primary education I joined secondary school in 2012. I faced many challenges in my life because my parents were poor and in my family were eight in number. My parents couldn’t afford the money to give us everything we want, even sometimes something would come in my mind then I think about how I can drop out of school because I couldn’t stay there watching my parents suffer but when I was In class four my parents passed away. We went through with many challenges even my father’s brother wanted to take our my life I wanted to be a chef but I know I don’t have money, I would like you to pay for the collage fee so that I continue with my education. Fill it in your heart and help me, I will appreciate it very much.