Form Ones

Thursday this week was a very special day to the Form Ones as Brother Kennedy organized a ceremony to officially welcome the Form Ones to school. The students and the staff members were so happy on how well they were able to adapt to school and interact and mingle well with other students. The form ones too expressed their gratitude especially to Brother Kennedy for giving them the golden opportunity to study, have their meals and access the medical facility all free of charge. They promised to work hard in their studies to achieve their dreams.

Academic clinic day

On Saturday brother Kennedy organized a meeting with the guardians of the children to discuss their academic progress with the teachers. This was a very interactive moment for both guardians and the children, they were able to identify the different capabilities of the children in various subject. The guardians were happy on the great improvement registered by the children in their academics, spiritual growth and also in their social life.

Successful story

My name is Catherine a former student at St. Charles Lwanga children Centre secondary school. I completed my high school in 2016 where I was the first in my class and qualified to join the University. Am currently studying at Meru University taking an Agricultural course. I am happy for Brother Kennedy for his kind support towards my education, he has supported me through the secondary school and even now at the university. I come from a very humble family in the slums of Kibera, which is the largest slum in East Africa. My parents divorced while I was 9 years old and it was really hard for me to take sides on which I should live with. My dad promised to take me to school but unfortunately got an accident, which injured his hand and could not work anymore. Life became so hard and it was during this time that he decided to marry another wife whom we could hardly get along. Life changed so fast and I dropped out of school and joined the slum girls in search for a living to support my family and my sick dad. It was in the midst of these struggles that I found Brother Kennedy who welcomed me to the school where I lived all my school life. St Charles Lwanga School is my home where I get the love and care, which I hardly got back at home. During my holidays I do my community service at St Charles Lwanga School where I help the students in their academics, assist in preparing and serving food, mentoring the students especially the girls. I am grateful to Brother Kennedy, Chalice foundation and Inverness County Cares for lighting a candle of hope in my life. God Bless you.